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Saturday , 27 June 2015 , 07 : 11 PM
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Comments by remba March 03, 2017


Could you possibly offer the downloadable videos in addition to the app again? The app is nice but I’d like to get the kind of quality that you can provide with a multi-gigabyte videos. Or alternatively if you could get some kind of a solution for super high quality and moving files to an SD card?

Comments by Glenn August 21, 2016


I like the idea of relaxing on top of a mountain – Something with a great view. We will definitely consider this for future releases – great suggestion !


Comments by Glenn August 21, 2016


Re Languages – we have just launched an update on the Oculus Store for the exVRience relaxation app that now includes additional languages including French, German, Spanish, Hindi, Japanese, Mandarin and Korean.


Comments by Maks August 08, 2016

Hi. I would like to experience a top-of-the mountain meditation. Preferably in the Tibet, with the singing bowls or gongs in the background.

Comments by Joe Al September 05, 2015

Hey guys!

Nice videos and experience!
How about other languages…french, german, spanish etc.?

Greetings Joe