Release Notes

1. Adjusted collision areas on some holes including Hole 10 and 16
2. Fixed issue with Hole 8 scorecard
3. Fixed issue with wind not being set correctly in multiplayer
4. Blue line when using a Practice Ball and after using a mulligan will now point at hole
5. Fixed height issue with ball after using mulligan on the green
6. Added additional extension handle preset for Mr Tass

1. Improved collision areas for all greens and bunkers on both courses.
2. Corrected effect on ball when changing to a putter from just off the green
3. Adjusted color of AM Tee grass
4. Corrected the left controller putting indicator not appearing
5. Adjusted driving range to prevent walking off the top area
6. Corrected spelling errors in club house menu
7. Added collision to coffee table and teleport area on the rug
8. Updated spectator name in clubhouse avatar not aligning correctly
9. Corrected visual issue with club set showing through screen on driving range
10. Added a couple of player tournament posters to the Champions Hall
11. Added picture to the Players Wall
12. Modified large pic on wall in Club House wth a canvas look
13. Replaced old scorecard logo with new
14. Adjust sound on some water features


1. Updated two how to play screens that were referencing some old features.

2. Updated Leaderboard spelling for AM.

3. Moved elevator control instructions off the doors so they appear longer.

4. Fixed Left controller teleport in Club House.

5. Added ability to use thumbstick to rotate left/right whilst teleported on the course - it will reset to your original rotation on return.

6. There was a mention that it would be nice to have a fire so quickly added this in.



1. New interactive Club House (walk or teleport around - instructions are in the elevator). In MP, after your friends join a room, option of visiting areas of the clubhouse together before heading out to the course.

2. Driving Range (Single player only) now accessed through the right hand door from the clubhouse with a choice of upper or lower deck.

3. Added a few targets on the driving range (press the target button to switch on/off).

4. A 3D Holographic experience (Single and Multiplayer) allowing you to walk over each hole and point to areas whilst talking to friends.

5. Hall of Champions where you can see previous winners and trophy's. 5. A Players Wall located upstairs at the 19th hole. Will add a discord channel to submit photos. - Maybe take some with Mully located next to the Main Desk.

6. Leaderboards and Main Desk area - text will appear as you walk closer to them.

7. Explore the clubhouse and see where the Heli takes off from.

8. Slight refresh on the clubhouse menu.

9. Removal of Practice Playground and other themed driving ranges to allow increased focus on core parts of the game. Practice mode is available on both courses.

10. Improved look of Golf Ball.

11. Smoother Multiplayer Tee BigScreen.

12. Performance improvements and bug fixes.