exVRience relaxation

Now available for the Samsung GearVR on the Oculus Store

Create your own relaxation!

Relax to your favourite music in a selection of natural Australian surroundings including beaches, lagoons, waterfalls and lookouts using 360 degree video.

Create your very own relaxation by simply listening to nature, choosing from a selection of soothing music or taking in a relaxing voiceover.

Enhance your exvrience through special effects such as butterflies, bubbles, fireworks and more!

Play you own music or meditation audio tracks from your phone

360 degree looping videos

Hand mapped 3d terrain for increased realism

Available in 8 languages - English, Spanish, German, French, Mandarin, Hindi, Korean and Japanese including voice overs.

5 Natural Locations – Beach, Ocean Cave, Lagoon, Waterfall, Lookout

5 Guided Voiceovers, each one slightly modified to the surroundings

8 soothing music tracks or just listen to the natural surroundings

8 effects including birds, rain, snow, butterflies, bubbles, a digital fountain flowing with the music, a storm and even a fireworks display

Option to automatically move between locations while relaxing 







    Scroll down for the video


    Music licensed through various artists including Christopher Lloyd Clarke and purple-planet.com


    Oculus has tested the application on all phones that support GearVR. If you are having trouble installing the application on your phone, please check you have enough free space as you will need at least 660mb. There are lots of instructions on the internet you can search depending on the device you are using to clear up space. If you are still having trouble feel free to email us at service@exvrience.com with the model of phone you are using and we will be happy to help.

    For assistance with accessing music on your phone please click here