exVRience relaxation music setup instructions

You can use your own music or meditation audio files from your phone in the app by following the instructions below
  1. Connect your phone via the appropriate USB cable to your PC
  2. Log into your phone as you would normally
  3. Open up explorer on your PC
  4. Navigate to the Music folder on your phone’s internal storage
  5. Once inside the Music folder, right click and select “New Folder”
  6. Name the new folder “ERMusic”
  7. Place up to 40 of your favourite MP3 or WAV music tracks directly inside this folder
That’s it !
When you start the app and tap on the image of the phone, your music should appear
Hold Tap on the scroll bar and look up and down to scroll through your music
Tap a music track to play
Unable to see the folders on my phone
Depending on the phone model you have, you may need to enable certain settings on your phone or your pc in order to see your phone`s folders when connecting to a PC. If you are unable to see your phone`s folders there are many sites available when searching on the web depending on your phone`s model. Please search for help prior to contacting us as it may be a quick fix.
Music does not appear in the app
The app will search for the first 40 MP3 or WAV music tracks in the \Music\ERMusic folder on the internal storage of your phone. Please ensure only music tracks with the extension .mp3 or .wav are in this folder.
Unable to download application
Please check you have enough storage on your phone. We recommend having at least 800mb available to complete the download. 
If you have any problems, please email service@exvrience.com and we will try to assist as best we can.