What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is technology that provides the user with the ability to experience something as close as possible to being there. The technology has been around for many years, however is just reaching a level where it is easily accessible to people and provides quite a convincing sense of being there.

At present there are two general methods to provide Virtual Reality including via dedicated headsets that plugs into your PC or use of your mobile phone with a Virtual Reality viewer.

Where can I purchase a virtual reality headset?

Samsung are selling the Gear VR with models for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and S6 phones. These are high quality devices and provide a very good experience and field of view. You do need to have the correct phone to go with the device.

Oculus also sell a desktop PC connected device called the Oculus Rift. This is a development Kit whilst they head towards releasing a consumer version in 2016.

You will also find many Virtual Reality headsets available on eBay and other places, some are made of plastic, some are made of cardboard !. These tend to work with recent phones and whilst not providing the same experience as Oculus or the Samsung do provide a similar sense of being there.

Here is a link to a good article from TECHRADAR.COM describing some of these headsets available.

Many other vendors are in the process of developing and releasing Virtual Reality Headsets. A very good article written in July 2015 by HEAVY.COM is available here.

We also recommend the use of Headphones when watching these exVRriences

Can you tell me some information about the videos?

All 360 degree videos are produced in MP4 format. The size, length, bitrate, fps and resolution vary depending on the exVRience being produced. Videos with not a lot of movement are able to have a lower bitrate/FPS and therefor a reduced file size whilst still having good quality. Faster moving videos will have a higher bitrate/fps. We always strive to find the right balance of file size and quality when producing the videos. Each video is produced in both 4k (3840*2160) and 2k (1920x960). 

In some of the videos, if you look down you may notice a shadow of the camera used to record the exVRience. This largely depends on the weather (if outside) and lighting, however should not detract from the experience.

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