About Us

Engaging and interactive 360° Video experiences for use with virtual reality.


January 2018 Stay tuned for new application to be released".

November 2016 Major Update for "exVRience relaxation".

  • Added new location "Beach Rocks" free with update

October 2016 Major Update for "exVRience relaxation".

  • Added the ability to play your own music or meditation audio files from your phone

August 2016 Major Update for "exVRience relaxation".

  • Hand Mapped 3D Terrain in each location for increased realism
  • New languages available including Spanish, French, Hindi, German, Mandarin, Korean and Japanese including voice overs. 

June 2016 "exVRience relaxation" has just been released on the Oculus Store for the Samsung GearVR

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Contact us at service@exvrience.com 

Music licensed through various artists including Christopher Lloyd Clarke and purple-planet.com