Golf Tournaments

Tournaments will be scheduled periodically. Notification will appear in the ClubHouse so check back regularly.

Open to all players
Timed events with the start and finish times shown in the clubhouse.
Play as many times as you like whilst the tournament is running. Your lowest score is recorded after 18 holes.
Both Professional and Amateur scores will be recorded, however the trophy is awarded to the lowest score in Profesional mode.
Mulligans and Practise balls are unavailable in Tournaments.
Club type cannot be changed once a round is started. Professional Tees will have Pro clubs. Amatuer tees will have Amateur clubs.
The winners name will be shown on the trophy wall for a period of time and announced on the discord.

Once the Tournament is running, ensure you have chosen "LeaderBoard" mode in the clubhouse settings and then select Amateur or Professional Tees.
Scores will be recorded during the stated times of the tournament only.

Conditions of entry:
The winner will be decided by the Leaderboard position at the closure of the tournament.
If there are any issues with the game or leaderboards experienced during the tournament, these will be remediated as best possible to ensure fairness, however the decision on final winner will be at the descretion of exVRience.
Any bugs experienced during gameplay that prevent further progression through the game will require the round to be restarted. Please post any bugs to the discord for remediation.