How To Play

exVRience Golf Club for the Oculus Quest

General play

Hitting the ball

  1. Check the wind direction and speed which is indicated by the number of lines above your head. 5 lines is the strongest wind and 1 is the lightest.
  2. The correct club will be chosen based on your distance to the hole, however you can change this from the menu. For example if you have a strong head wind, check the distance to the pin and the maximum distance of the club, if they are fairly close you may want to change the club.
  3. Adjust your direction using the thumbstick. If you have a strong crosswind, you may want to adjust your direction to allow for the ball being affected by the wind.
  4. When you are happy with your direction and chosen club, position the club behind the ball over the red arrow.
  5. You can take a swing without holding the trigger and the power indicator and club angle will take measurement as you swing through the ball.
  6. To hit the ball, hold the trigger down and take a backswing.
  7. Keep the trigger down, swing and hit the ball.
  8. Follow through with your swing so your body is facing the target.
  9. Release the trigger after your follow through.
  10. After the ball stops in a playable position, you will automatically be taken to your ball.

Amateur and Professional Clubs

  • Both club types will hit in the direction the red/green arrows are pointing which you can change with the thumbstick, however professional is more realistic and challenging.
  • The default is Amateur and you can change this in the Club House Settings.


  • When you swing, the game calculates your swing speed at the point of hitting the ball.
  • The ball will move in the direction the green arrows are facing at a speed calculated by your swing. The wind will then affect the ball trajectory


  • When you swing, the game calculates your swing speed at the point of hitting the ball.
  • The game will also calculate the angle of your club face at the point of hitting the ball
  • The ball will move in the direction the green arrows are facing at a speed calculated by your swing. The club angle will affect how much draw or fade is applied to the ball. The wind will then affect the ball trajectory as well.

Measuring Distance

  • Sometimes you may want to land a ball in a specific spot for example to avoid a hazard. A number of options help with determining the best club to use.
  1. Whilst on the fairway, pushing forward on the thumbstick, will show a ball which you can move around over the ground. The distance and club required to that point will be shown.
  2. You can use the explorer option which is described below.

Club Feel (modify in Club House Settings)

  • This changes the amount of effort needed to swing the club in order to achieve the distance required. So for example if you pick a 9-Iron and swing and it feels like the ball is going longer than you usually would in real golf, you can adjust the feel down so at the same swing effort the ball will not go as far. These settings can be adjusted per club and will be saved.

Green Speed

  • This adjusts the speed of the green for your own personal preference which affects how fast the ball rolls.

Swing Boost

  • Whilst on the course, you can turn this on which means you will not have to swing as hard to achieve the same power. It does not make the maximum distance further though.


  • This allows you to fly over the course by holding the trigger for thrust, rotating your wrist and turning your body for direction. As well as viewing the course, it will give you the ability to land anywhere and will show you what club is required and the distance to hit to where you are from your ball position.

Green Slope Detector

  • Whilst on the green, you can press forward on the thumbstick and a tool will display which you can move around over the green. The tool will help view the slope of the green at a given point. You can also turn on the Grid from the menu which also helps.

Practise Ball.

  • Press A or X and you will receive a practise ball which acts like a real ball, but does not count to your score or move you after hitting it.


Other features

Tee locations (Change in Clubhouse Settings)

  • These are the locations you hit from. Amateur is closer and Professional is the default.

Fly Over

  • This is a short 30 second helicopter ride over the hole

Practise Playground

  • Hole 1 under lights is available as a practise area where you can practise repetitive shots from various locations. You can also adjust Club Feel and Green Speed whilst practicing which will save the settings.

Range Escapes

  • We have provided a few fun locations for driving range practise including space, moon, cliff, beach, alpine and a normal driving range.

Moon Links.

  • This is a 9 hole Pitching Wedge only course. A bit of fun playing on the moon, but also a great way to practise your pitching skills.