Online Multiplayer FAQ

Welcome to exVRience Golf Club Online Multiplayer Open Beta!

Please read through this FAQ to learn about online multiplayer. If you experience any issues on the course, please take a photo or video and post in the bugs-and-fixes channel. If you are unable to take a photo/video, please provide as much info as you can: hole number, area of the issue, what exactly is happening, etc. Enhancements to online multiplayer will be ongoing, so if there is a feature you would like to see, please post in the Suggestions channel.

It is recommended that you charge your headset fully before starting a round and ensure that you are updated to the latest version of the game.


How do I start a multiplayer game?

At launch, multiplayer games are private rooms only with no matchmaking. To host a private room, on the opening screen, click the Multiplayer icon and enter a room name. Share the name with your friends. Once all players have joined, the host will choose the course, difficulty, and pin locations. 

How many people can play multiplayer?

There can be up to 4 golfers in a multiplayer round. A 5th person is able to join and fly around the course in a drone and provide commentary, record play, or just watch.

Can we decide who goes first?

The game puts players in the order in which they entered the room and this order will remain throughout the round. There are no honors at this time, but this has been requested for a future update.

While playing a round, should we wait for others, or just continue hitting our shots?

This is entirely up to the players on the course.  To expedite the round and conserve headset battery life, playtesters typically continued hitting shots until all were on or around the green.

Do scores in MP go on the leaderboards?

Yes. Individual player scores from multiplayer rounds do get posted to the appropriate leaderboard and when tournaments are running you will have the option for the group to participate.

Can we play Match Play or Best Ball?

Initially, all rounds are individual stroke play, but future updates may include different types of rounds. 

What happens if a player gets disconnected?

If a player gets disconnected due to a wifi dropout, the game will try and reconnect the player for up to 1 min. The rest of the group will receive a message that a player has left the course and will halt play until the player reconnects or the 1 min timeout is reached before resuming play. If the disconnected player is unable to rejoin, they will be able to complete their round in single player mode.

What if I need to leave during the round?

If you need to leave a game for any reason, exit via the course menu by clicking Home and return to the clubhouse. This will enable the remaining players to continue without delay.

Can I join a game in progress?

No. Once a round has started, no players may join.


Teleporting is available in Online Multiplayer and should be used when your ball is close to another player to move out of the way (for putting or when you both hit the water from the tee and need to take your second shot from the same spot). Hold Hand Trigger and push forward on the thumbstick to use. Please make sure clubs are not activated (green lines) when using teleport.

Wifi Disconnects

Check your Oculus software version. If not on v31, check for an update in the headset.

How can I find people to play with?

The discord is a great place to start with a very friendly community who love golf and meeting new people all the time. A discord channel has been created called “looking-to-play”, and we suggest posting a message in there similar to “Anyone up for a round in < ## mins>…..”